3 Most Important Rooms to Stage When Selling Your Home

December 4, 2017






When your home is shown to potential buyers, every room is important. However, there are three rooms that buyers tend to pay most attention to: kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

To make these rooms look their best, here are some staging tips:

In the kitchen, make sure the stove, sink and countertops are spotless. The countertops should also be clear of any clutter or anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. This gives the impression that there is a lot of counter space. Keep all cupboards, the pantry and the refrigerator neat and with the labels facing forward.

In the bathrooms, make sure everything is clean and uncluttered, too, especially around the toilet and the cabinet beneath the sink. Remove personal items from the countertop. Keep the shower curtain open or the shower doors sparkling clean. Be sure the towels match and are neatly hung on the rack(s).

In the bedrooms, make sure the bed is neatly made, preferably with matching covers, pillow shams and pillow cases. Be sure items stored under the bed are completely tucked underneath and cannot be seen.

Closets should be organized and neat with nothing on the floor except shoes. It’s okay to have lots of clothes but have them all hanging neatly. If there are non-clothing items in the closet (loose file papers, baseball bats or balls, etc), store them somewhere else.

Remove any clothes lying on the bed, chairs, dresser (or treadmill), even if they are folded neatly. Empty all laundry baskets and the hamper.

These tips may sound a little overboard with neatness, but it WILL make a difference in a potential buyer’s perception of your (their future) home.

Want more staging tips? Call or text me today. I’m happy to share my experience and expertise with you!